COVID-19 Update: Making our contactless pay-at-the-table technology FREE for all affected restaurants! Find out more

The world has changed, we are here to help! The Coronavisus has dramatically impacted the restaurant industry and how operators run their business. Although many doors are closed and on-premises dining has been drastically restricted, these hard times won't last forever. 

When doors re-open, social distancing will continue being a recurring theme. Operators will need to implement new practices to help guests feel more comfortable dining at restaurants.

To aid restaurants in their transition to a social distancing awareness practices, we at Paerpay are waiving all installation fees for our pay-at-the-table-technology, and making it FREE for three months after you reopen your doors.

With Paerpay, guests can easily pay their check from their phones without physically coming in contact with your staff. This will further protect your guests and staff members.

Whether your doors are open for dining on-premise tomorrow or over the next few months, we can remotely take you through the process of installing Paerpay for FREE. Now is the perfect time to start implementing measures for social distancing dining, and we are here to help!

The best payment experience for restaurants and their guests